I’ll be the first to admit…..I’m not busy.

Notice how your body, your mind reacted to that. Was it something like….’eewwwhhh, she’s not succeeding, she’s not doing her thing, she’s not living it up, she’s not on fire.’?

I’m not busy.

I’m not running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I’m not exhausted at the end of the day - falling into bed, depleted, anxious with thoughts running through my head about all the things I have to do the next day.

I’m not busy…… and that’s a good thing.

Can we please stop glorifying busy - it doesn’t work. It’s soul sucking, it’s depleting, it’s exhausting + it creates stress, worry, dis’ease’ in your body.

What I am ‘busy’ doing are the things I love. Writing, reading, most days going to the river, going for tea, getting on my mat. Meditating everyday - sometimes for an hour.

Yes - I have time to meditate for an hour everyday. Why? Because I make it a priority, my self care is a priority, it’s non-negotiable.

When I don’t prioritize the things that light me up - that’s when fear, stress, worry all creep in + that is exactly what’s blocking me from what I desire, my dreams.

And that’s what’s blocking you.

Want to create the life of your dreams? Slow down. Do less. {opposite of what we’ve been conditioned to believe - i know}. But try it. Play. Have fun.

Vibrate high.

Look at all of the things that keep you busy during the day, running around like a wild woman. Are they necessary? Do they light you up? What would happen if you didn’t do them? What would happen if you said no to everyone else + yes to yourself?

What would happen if you weren’t busy?