Have you ever felt completely at ease in your body? Graceful, flowing in life, not pushing or forcing - just being? Life is organic, lush + juicy. You're in your feminine essence. It's beautiful.....+ then life happens + pulls you into the day to day grind, the achieving, becoming, pushing - the masculine energy. Driven, focused, confident. Tension starts to come into the body, maybe stress, worry. That organic, flowing state - gone?

In a masculine world how do we find the balance of the masculine + the feminine? The yin + the yang. The polarities, the duality, the opposites. All of us have the polarities. We have feminine men, masculine women, masculine men, feminine women + everything in between. The common thread between all of us is the balance we need. The balance we crave. Just like the planet needs the balance of the sun {yang} + the moon {yin} so do we. 

The tricky part is most of us have lost our balance + just like 90% of people on the planet we are primarily running in yang energy, constantly doing, becoming + achieving. It's all around us + it's not working. Always being in this state creates stress, worry, tension + dis'ease' in the body. It leads to disconnection from ourselves, our family, our relationships, the body unhealthy + living from the mind. 

How do we find the balance in a primarily yang world? How do we all step back + come into our yin energy? How do we balance the polarities? The masculine 'doing', the feminine 'being'. 

We settle into stillness, we receive + we fully land. 

We create space to slow down to hear the whispers of our soul, our highest self, the innate wisdom that is always within us. The wisdom of the heart. 

Here are 5 ways to connect to your feminine energy:

Dance - dance is a powerful way to get out of your head + fully into your body. Let go of any judgement, or preconceived notions of what it should look like, close your eyes + move your body. Move intuitively, being guided by your inner wild woman to the beat that moves through your body. Dance takes us out of the left side of the brain + into the right, our creative side, our feminine side. Be guided to move your body + then settle into stillness when it feels complete. Hear the voice that doesn't use any words.  

Sensuality - epsom salt baths with your favourite essential oils, massage, chocolate, touch, delicious food, music. Tune into your senses + tap into your innate wisdom within. Our body holds powerful guidance we just don't hear it anymore, we've stopped listening + trusting the powerful wisdom that is always inside of us. When we tune into the sensations running through our body we tap into this wisdom.  

Creativity - we are creators, we create life in our womb space. It is our natural essence, our creative energy is always flowing. Move into the creative energy that is within you. Art, cooking, drawing, writing, gardening, dance. How do you tap into your creative energy? Make time + space to create, to detach from the mind. 

Nature - Get out in mama earth, nature is potent with feminine energy. Flowing, evolving, growing, constantly changing, organic in all it's beauty + wonder. Non-linear. Ground your toes into the earth, hug a tree, swim in the ocean, dance naked under the stars, feel the life force all around you. We are so disconnected from nature in our day to day life, connect to this magical planet we live on. 

Stillness - yin yoga + restorative yoga are powerful practices for being. The hardest part is the stillness, our ego wants us to be constantly doing + achieving, it's where it feels safe. When we are in stillness with the self we become aware of the chatter of the mind, what is actually going on + what we are telling ourselves. When we become aware of the thoughts, the chatter, it's a choice to detach + not to be consumed by the thoughts + drug down the rabbit hole. To stay unattached, to observe + witness. To allow the thoughts to come + go as you would a bird passing by. When we detach from the thoughts, the mind we move into the heart space + hear the whispers of the soul. 

What is your heart telling you?

Where are you leading your life from? Your masculine or your feminine? What are your favourite ways to connect to your feminine energy?

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