Every once in a while a blog post comes along that makes you get curious about yourself. Question your intentions, your values, your why, what you live by. 

Anchors you into your truth. 

The other day I was reading a blog post about the writers '27 Life Power Statements' + it peaked my curiosity about what are the statements that I live by. What are my power statements. What lessons have I learned along the way that I hope my daughter witnesses in my actions + inspires her to do the same. 

It was a beautiful exercise to anchor in on what it is I live by. What guides me. When we put words to paper it sends them out to the universe, it sets the intention + brings it deeper into our reality. Our truth. 

Here in no particular order are my '27 Life Power Statements' in hopes it inspires you to do the same. To get curious about the truths you live by. Your Power Statements.

I'd love to hear your statements below in the comments if you are inspired to share. 

1. Life flows through me. 

2. Trust + surrender. Over + over again. 

3. I am worthy + I matter. 

4. I am not my body, my thoughts or my emotions. 

5. I am infinite. 

6. Curiosity equals passion equals purpose. 

7. Trust your gut. 

8. Serve. Serve. Serve. 

9. We are all exactly the same. Made up of all the same stuff. Be compassionate. 

10. Meditate. Everyday. 

11. Read. Expand. Explore. Travel. Often. 

12. Every person I meet has a lesson for me. Listen carefully. 

13. There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. 

14. I am abundant. 

15. Yoga is life. 

16. Love yourself madly first. 

17. 'We are all just walking each other home.' Ram Das

18. The only thing I can control is my reaction. That's it. 

19. Pause. 

20. Don't take yourself to seriously. 

21. Laugh. Often. 

22. Believe in yourself. The world needs your light + love. 

23. Listen to your heart. 

24. Create the reality of your dreams. 

25. Listen to your body. It speaks volumes. 

26. Believe beyond your wildest dreams that you are worthy of all you desire. 

27. Always choose love. Always. 

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