The journey always begins somewhere. 

And mine just so happened to find me living on the other side of the world at rock bottom. Alcohol, failed relationships, doubt, lack consumed my life. Did I see the beauty, the magic all around me?

None of it. 

In 2012, my daughter and I packed up and moved to Australia to pursue a job opportunity. 4 months prior I ended  a long term relationship with the man that I thought I was going to marry, the man that was supposed to move to Australia with us, the man that I had been in a highly volatile, mentally abusive relationship with.

One of my greatest teachers.

So there I was on the other side of the world, just me + my daughter, grieving the loss of the relationship, thinking everything would be fine if I just moved across the world. Wrong. All my stress and unhappiness both with my career and myself just packed up and followed us to the other side of the world. What I didn't realize then was all the turmoil, stress, unworthiness was all internal, all within. It didn't matter what I did with my external was coming along for the ride. My dreams of living in Australia had come true, here I was + I was ruining it, I was miserable + the lifestyle I was living was not sustainable at all. I needed a shift + that's when I found myself in a sweaty vinyasa class at Power Living Yoga Australia in Manly Beach + I caught a glimpse of what I was searching for. I caught a glimpse of me. 

It was literally love at first downward dog. It saved me. I enrolled in my first 40 days to personal revolution at PowerLiving Australia, and that is where my journey began. A journey that took me back to Canada where I started working with a life coach, traveled for five months on my own, spent a month in India doing my yoga teacher training, stayed in an ashram, became obsessed with essential oils, found a new love for drumming, became a certified health and life coach and found sobriety.

Almost 2 years sober. Serious happy dance.

And now the best part?

I guide amazing women + men around the world to do the same. To find their purpose, confidence, their truth + their passion. 

This journey has created a life I love.

Tired of waiting for the perfect moment to come along? Financial freedom? Size 6 waist line? The dream job?

The time is now.

Your life is waiting.

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