For some reason our society has glorified busy, anytime you ask someone how they've been....9 times out of 10, the response is - busy. 

Why is that?
Well... society has equated busyness with:
Acceptance + value. 
Succeeding at life. 
I'm doing what I'm here to do. 

Which in reality isn't true.
Busyness does not equate to happiness. 
Busyness often equates to anxiety + stress. 
Busyness equates to somebody else's definition of success.
Not necessarily yours. 

Can you imagine what a different world we would live in if everyone was peaceful + calm?
You can get everything necessary in your life done from a calm + peaceful place. 
The way we are living now, it's all learned behaviour...which also means it can be unlearned. 

The first thing to having a calmer, peaceful life?
A good nights sleep. 
What improves with solid sleep?
Literally everything. 
Weight. Health. Sex. Anxiety. Stress. Skin. Hair. 

A few tips on an awesome sleep. 

Sleep with the natural rhythms of life. Sun comes up - we get up. Sun goes down - we go down. Aim to go with the cycles of nature. Reconnect to nature. 

6pm - 10pm the body wants to unwind, relax. Have a light dinner {make lunch your biggest meal + don't eat past 7:30}. Create an evening ritual {Meditate, detox bath with essential oils, read, electronics off} + aim to be in bed before 10pm. . We get a natural second wind at around 10:30pm, the goal is to be asleep before that time....otherwise it gets much harder to find deep sleep. {the mind starts going a million miles an hour} 

How you wake up dictates your day, which in turn dictates your stress levels, which dictates how you go to sleep. It's a cycle. So develop a morning ritual. See morning ritual post for my morning rituals. Do I do it every single morning? No. Some morning are a shit show, but I feel a lot better when I do so, it becomes a habit + I look forward to them. 

Rituals used to be a strong part of our everyday, we thrived on them. Start to notice the rituals you already have in your life + build on them. 

Slow down. Receive. Reconnect back to yourself.

Want to slow down for 10 days? Join the 10 day self love challenge. Click the link below.