Tired, drained, burnt out + feel the farthest thing from sexy? I hear you. Some how between the kids, the career + the stress you've lost yourself? The beautiful Goddess thats always been within - gone? 

The good news - she's still in there, you just need to unleash that sexy badass self. 

The core element to reconnecting to the beauty thats within? Coming back to your feminine side. 

We live in a very masculine world, a lot of yang energy. Constantly doing, becoming, achieving - it's a rat race out there. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with masculine energy - we all need it to have massive breakthroughs, to serve our purpose, to live the life of our dreams. The problem is most of us are only living/embracing our masculine energy + neglecting it's gentler female counterpart. The softer side.  Our yin energy. Our divine feminine, our goddess self, our receiving energy, our being state. {guys you need it too} 

Just like the planet needs the sun + the moon, we need the yin with the yang. 

How do we connect back to our yin energy, to our softness, to our inner goddess? Here's three ways to unleash your sexy badass goddess self. 

Movement - We are energy, everything is energy. Stress, emotions, it's all energy + whats one of the easiest ways to get stagnant energy out of the body? Movement. Find what feels best for you to move your body, to connect to your body + make it a priority to do it every single day. My latest movement craze? Dance. When I am sat at my computer and my body is starting to feel stagnant, uncomfortable and I can tell it wants to move. I get up and have a solo dance party. I move the energy through me and connect to my body in a sensual way. Instant Goddess. 

Stillness -When we sit in stillness we create the space to receive and hear the gentle whispers of our heart - our dreams, our desires. The ego, the monkey chatter of the mind keeps us in a state of fear and doubt. It wants us to play small. When we sit and receive in stillness we connect back to the highest version of ourselves. Our internal guide. Meditation and yoga nidra are practices to bring us into the present moment, where we quiet the ego - the monkey mind and tune into the heart space.  

Sensuality - Connect to all your senses. Light some candles, grab your favourite essential oils and soak in a luxurious coconut oil bath. Give yourself or grab your lover for a full body massage with sensual oils and slip into your favourite silky nightgown. Heaven. 

Create rituals that empower your goddess self, commit to practicing them + to fully receiving the innate wisdom that is within. 

Come back to the Goddess that's always within. 

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