Around this time last year I hit a wall. Not a breakdown, not my rock bottom....just a wall. I was well on my path of self, my path of yoga but as most of you know - this path is never ending. There's no end destination. No - hey your fixed, your healed...get off the path. It ebb's + flows like everything in life, there are up's + downs, high's + low's + out of nowhere I had a nasty voice in my head whispering/yelling 'Why would anyone listen to you?', 'Who are you to guide people to their highest self?', 'To tell people what to do?', 'You don't matter.'

At this point in my life I was 9 months into my first year of sobriety + the beautiful part about sobriety is that all the stuff I would've normally masked/washed away with a glass of wine was sitting there right in front of me. I had no choice. I had to dig into it. I had to sit with it. 

For this reason sobriety has been one of my greatest teachers. Everything you don't like about yourself, you get to sit with, get to embrace. There are no masks. No out's. Just you in all your darkness + all your light. 

I was sitting with the feelings that were coming up, meditating, getting on my mat....trying to dig into this one to the root + it just so happened I was starting my Yoga Nidra training with Tanis Fishman at exactly the same time as this was all coming to the surface. 

On the first day of training Tanis talked about the Yoga Nidra as well as the limiting beliefs training we would be learning as a separate body of work to the Nidra.

The 4 Limiting Beliefs of humanity. 

The world is not a safe place. 

Everyone is out to get me. 

I am not accepted. 

I don't matter. 

Synchronicity at it's finest. 

Through the training we learned about the Limiting Beliefs and how they have been programmed into our brain, our body + our soul from this life time as well as 7 generations before us. We didn't decide or fall victim to these limiting beliefs, they are ingrained in us. They are part of us. 

Tanis tested each of our individual core limiting belief from childhood + from now. 

Mine for both were 'I don't matter'. 

Funny how the universe works sometimes. 

These limiting beliefs are ingrained in our core, at a brain level not accessible during our awake state. My usual tools weren't getting to it's root. Through the training we learned how to re-wire the limiting beliefs.

How did I reprogram my limiting belief of 'I don't matter'?

Yoga Nidra. 

When we practice yoga nidra we go into an alpha brain state where limiting beliefs, repressed emotions, dormant states can all be reprogrammed, reawakened through the guided process. 

Through the use of a Sankalpa my limiting belief was reprogrammed. 

I am safe.

I trust. 

I am accepted. 

I am worthy. 

Through becoming aware of your limiting beliefs, digging into your belief system, working with yoga nidra + a sankalpa your mindset will shift. Your limiting beliefs will be re-wired, clearing back the clutter that is blinding your highest self. Bringing you back into your natural state.

Up until this time last year I wasn't aware of the limiting belief that was holding me back that was ingrained in my core.

Awareness is how we loosen it's grip....awareness + Yoga Nidra.