One of my greatest fears up until this past June was flying. 

When I talk about this with people their usual response is, 'But you've travelled around the world and you're afraid to fly?'. 'How does that work?'.

This is where the beliefs around fear start to come out. The truth is that we all have fears, fears are completely normal and fears can actually be really good. Fears are our boundary around our comfort zone {think of it as your map of you - outlining your world are your fears}, when we push past a fear it means we've pushed outside of our comfort zone, pushed past our limits - and that is where the magic happens. 

That is where growth happens.  

So with every flight, I push past the fear + get my ass on the plane.

Every. single. time.

This is when fear is a good thing, it's a marker for us to realize what we are capable of. That we have the courage to push past it. That our dreams are bigger than our fears. Those butterflies in the stomach, the adrenalin...it means we're on to something good. Getting on the stage. Taking the course. Going on the date. The unknown - scary as hell but once you get there you realize it was exactly what your soul was asking for. 

My soul yearns for travel. Every single year when I set my intentions, my manifestations for the year - travel is on the list. When I am setting my manifestations it's coming from my heart - the little voice in my head {the ego} isn't coming to the surface saying 'but hey, remember....you're afraid to fly - cross that off the list.' It's all coming from the heart + then my desires come to my reality + then the fear sets in + I think great, here we go again. I get on the plane + on the other side growth happens. Some of my greatest lessons in life have come through travel, i've learnt loads about myself through travel. Compassion. Humility. Love. Perspective. Stillness. Truth. All through travel. 

If I listened to my fear + stayed small, I'd be denying my soul it's growth, it's purpose, it's highest self. 

And that's not an option. 

When fear is a problem is when we let it hold us back. When we stay small because the fear of pushing past it is to intense. That's when it's got it's grip on us + the ego loves it. Yes, my fear around flying has at times felt stifling, consuming + limiting. The fear is very real + comes from a very real place but at the same time it's not real at all. It's my minds projection of what could happen based on events that have happened. My dad died in a plane crash 15 years ago, yes there is trauma associated with planes but the plane crash didn't happen to me. A massive eye opener around this came from my coach this past June 'Lisa, it's not your story.' 'He died, not you.' Harsh but true. It was the reality I needed to let go of the fear, to loosen my grip on it. To let go of what I've held onto for 15 years. 

Where are your fears holding you back? Do you associate fears as being a bad thing? Can you change your beliefs around fear? Can you embrace them + allow them to loosen their grip on you? There is a world of magic waiting for you on the other side.