You know those people that walk into a room + you know they are on top of the world? They ooze high vibes. 

It's energy.

They're no different than anybody else.
That energy...we all have it - we are all made up of exactly the same stuff.
Exactly the same stuff.  
So, what makes their energy different?

They are operating at a higher frequency.

Fear. Doubt. Insecurity.
Are all low frequencies.
They bring us into a lower energy state...essentially keeping us in our head + out of our heart. 

Love. Joy. Acceptance.
Are all high vibration frequencies. 
They keep us grounded + in our heart space.
High vibrations attract high vibrations.
They keep them coming in.

What are some ways to raise your vibration, bringing you into a higher state of being?

Feel gratitude. Feel abundance. When you are focused on all of the amazing things in your life. You are attracting more of the amazing things into your life. Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Focus on all the good. Feel all the good

Notice your good thoughts/feelings + your bad thoughts/feelings. Differentiate between the two. When we bring our awareness into that space it naturally starts to shift. The bad - isn't so bad. I remember having to speak gibberish to a partner at my yoga teacher training in India. We had to speak in gibberish about all of our problems, what I noticed was that when I really had to think about it + speak it out in something that didn't make sense I realized - I don't really have any serious problems. It's all perspective.

I am so abundant - the petty things I was stressing about really weren't problems. I got my head out of my ass. 

We have lost our connection to nature, our natural rhythm...bringing nature indoors brings us back into that natural rhythm, our higher vibration. Little pieces of nature brought into your home, your surroundings. Looking at flowers naturally brings us into a higher state. 

Roses have the highest frequency.

'Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.' Gerard DeNeval

Essential Oils.
Plant based medicine bringing the body back into it's natural state. High vibrations to heal the mind, body + spirit. 


Real Food.

Real local, organic food. No preservatives, additives. Just real food from nature. Processed foods with loads of additives lower our vibration. Really notice what you are putting into your body. What you put in alters the vibration you are giving out. 

Get the ground beneath your feet + grass between your toes. Grounding practices like standing in the grass bring us out of our head + into our heart. 

Mountain spring water carries the highest frequency, avoid water full of fluoride + other chemicals. 

Selenite. Quartz. Smoky citrine. Crystals are beautiful gifts from the earth assisting in healing, grounding + clearing.  

A surge of the feel good endorphins lifts your vibrations, calms your mind + feels good. 



Surround yourself with high vibe people, we each mirror different parts of the people we surround ourselves with. Surround yourself with high vibes + good energy. Want to take it a step further in law of attraction + creating the life of your dreams? Clear out your blocks, your limiting beliefs + find a mentor who's doing the work + soak up every ounce of their teachings.

The growth never stops.

"What you think activates a vibration within you." Abraham Hicks