Last Monday I returned from my soul shaking week in Glastonbury with Rebecca Campbell. Normally when I get back from a trip like that I go into full work mode, planning, posting, doing meet ups, connecting...alot of excited energy that I can't wait to get out to the world.  

Not this time + not totally by choice.  

I landed....went home + had one of the worst cases of jet lag I've ever had - up at all hours of the night for days. When I wasn't teaching or coaching - I was sleeping or watching Outlander {I hadn't turned on my TV for almost a year but I was flat on my ass so I myswell watch what all my RSR sisters were talking about - I'm hooked}.

Then the new moon came + then my period. 
Jet lag. Period. New moon.  


I have recently started charting my cycle + if you're not doing it I totally recommend it. {Guys knowing where your lady love is in her cycle is great info for you too}. I won't go to much into it in this post but keep an eye out for one on periods coming up. If it makes you cringe when I say periods - thats ok but maybe question why? It is one of the most natural parts of life, the cycle that a woman goes through each month is in tune with nature, with the moon + is a beautiful time of cleansing + releasing. 

With each cycle we phase through the four archetypes of a woman, the maiden, the mother, the wild woman, the crone. We also phase through the four seasons with each cycle - we are complex, badass creatures. When we are menstruating we are in our crone phase + the season of winter, our yin. 

This phase is for introspective, going within, receiving, yin, being. 

I was in my receiving - yin phase. 

And after a little resistance I gave into it + went into full receive mode. I honoured where my body was at, honoured the new moon + I honoured that when I left England I wasn't completely ready to come home. I hadn't processed all that had happened, I hadn't landed into all the teaching + fully received the healing. 

In today's society we are constantly going from one thing to the next, constantly doing, becoming. That's not natural, the earth cycles through phases + so do we. We need to stop to receive, to land in this moment, in this body. 

So this past week, I received, I landed in this current version of me. I took baths, I napped, I watched four episodes of outlander in a row, I went to yoga + took childs pose when I needed it, I ate nourishing food + this is the biggest part.....I didn't allow myself to feel GUILTY about it. 

Whenever the nasty guilt head would try to surface I would turn to gratitude that I was able to honour myself in this way, that I was able to tune back into my natural cycle, the earths natural cycle + not fight it with constantly doing. That I could just be + receive because it wasn't always that way. 

I didn't know how to receive. 

From myself, from lovers, from the universe. 

As women we are natural givers + the last person we usually give to is ourselves. When we don't know how to fill our own well it's hard for us to receive from others. 

The first step in being able to fully receive. 

Clearing out all the blocks that tell us we're not worthy. Worthy of receiving love, abundance, a magical life. 

Because we are all WORTHY. We are all worthy of a life beyond our wildest dreams. 

Where are you blocking from receiving? Are you tuning into your natural cycle? Are limiting beliefs + blocks getting in your way? Curious about where you can soften, where you can clear out the blocks? Apply to work with me.