A couple of months ago I was having a session with one of my coaches, Tara Drennan. In our sessions Tara opens my Akashic records + speaks to my spirit guides. In this particular session Tara said 'I see + hear the ocean.' I quickly retraced through my mind the trips I had coming up, Florida - Orlando...inland. Months down the road England + Iceland?

Nope...she said sooner. I had nothing. No plans + quite honestly no desire at that time to go to the ocean. 

Fast forward till last week as I walked down the hills + steps of Tintagel to get to Merlins heart stopped as I looked out to the sea, heard the crashing waves + smelt the salty air. Tara's words flooded through my mind. The ocean. I'm here. 

I'm home.

Tears are welling my eyes as I write this because that's how I would sum up my recent whirlwind trip {read the post on Manifestation to hear how it all came together} to Glastonbury/Avalon. Coming home. My soul's been here before. My soul's been with these women before. My sisters. My tribe.

I am safe. I am held. I am grace.


All I had ever known of Glastonbury was the music festival that is the biggest in the world + held yearly, except when the farmer decides the fields need a break. I had always dreamed of going to the festival one day - maybe I still will but what I never knew about Glastonbury was the sacred land, the magic, the heart chakra, the veil where the worlds meet, the spirituality, the Goddess. 

My first introduction to what Glastonbury actually is was in Rebecca Campbell's book 'Rise Sister Rise' + from the minute I got into the taxi from Castle Cary to Glastonbury I was mystified with tales of the land, of Avalon from the driver + then the host of the air bnb I stayed at before the pilgrimage started. Tales of the legends, the teachers, the goddess, of his time in India, the magic, the fairies, the land that was at one time an island, the healers. It was like I had stepped into England's India.

Goddess temples, shamans, healers, incense, vikings, gypsys, crystals, magic. 

I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude + peace as soon as I had arrived, that I was there, that I was experiencing this magical place. With this pilgrimage I had listened to the call to go, the call from my highest self, the universe, the big G...I listened to the call + then I was the Universe likes to do. The week before leaving - I got sick - a cyst, a UTI, on antibiotics, couldn't eat, gagging, nausea, terrorist attacks, knot in the pit of my stomach the size of a watermelon, scared.

My head - my ego was saying out of fear {as it does} - don't go. Stay where you are, you're safe. 

My heart - you have to go. 

That gentle whisper.....I listened to it and a couple of days later found myself lying in the meadow in the Chalice Well garden surrounded by sisters I had just met being led through a soul journeying meditation that was taking us by boat led by the lady of the lake into the mists of avalon. As I soul journeyed to the magical land of Avalon, where my soul has been before, I was greeted by the high priestess {whom looks strikingly familiar however I can't pin point it} + Merlin. I was given a word by my high priestess to guide me to my truth, my purpose, my path, my word - sensuality. Which made no sense to me at the time however as I sit back at home in Calgary + navigate where my heart is being pulled after the soul shaking week. It all makes sense. 

After our souls journeyed back to earth, to this time we were led to the Chalice Well where we individually lit a candle, sprinkled the holy water with rose petals, bowed down to the holy red spring that runs on the Mary ley line. The feminine. The shakti. And tied a ribbon with our word onto the branches of the trees that create a canopy over the Chalice Well. Sealing our truth, our purpose, our healing. 

The next couple of days felt like time stood still. The time spent traveling through the sacred sites was potent with ritual + ceremony. Remembering, rising + falling. Healing wounds that have been held in the body from this life time + life times before. Breaking the patriarchy + coming back to our feminine essence. Healing the wounds between sisters, between women that at one time were turned against each other. Tuning back into the cyclic rhythm of mumma earth, of nature, of She, of our own body. Filling our well, cleansing our soul. Healing ourselves first so we can heal the world.

Days later I found myself in a green goddess gown with my sisters once again gathered around the Chalice Well individually stating what was Rising in us - my truth, purpose, my voice, bowing to the well + receiving all that we had experienced. All the offerings of the sacred land as we closed our priestess initiation.

Earlier that evening we opened in circle + journeyed through the four archetypes of the woman. The Maiden, The Mother, The Wild Woman + The Crone. Writing what each of our archetypes needed to hear. As we had the words each part of our soul needed we traveled over to the White Springs, the holy spring that runs through the Michael ley line. The masculine. The Shiva. In 'Rise Sister Rise' Rebecca describes 'the White Springs as embodying the unclaimed feminine - the darker, fierce, wild, powerful parts of us that have been bound and are once more waiting to rise. And in order for us to truly rise and find our true light, we often need to journey dark and deep.'

As we journeyed into the White Springs it was dark + deep. Entering into the dark womb-like cave at the belly of the Tor, the sound of the springs all around us + the only light from the candles throughout. Madeleine guiding us through meditation to the beat of Rebecca's drum that shook my soul, removing clutter + layers from this life time + many that have passed. The time spent in the White Springs was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Traveling through the alters that are devoted to different parts of the feminine and masculine, the four archetypes of the woman. The alter devoted to the Maiden, the Celtic Goddess Brighid. The Mother, a shrine to the black Madonna with a well above where the ancient witches were initiated. The alter at the main well devoted to the Wild Woman + the alter of the horned God - Cernunnos, which represented the Crone at the back right corner. As we individually travelled through each alter healing the wounds of the soul, our sisters all around, chanting our individual song while being held in unity by Rebecca + Madeline time stood still + layers that were blinding my brilliant light melted away. 

Returning me back to my true self. To my home. To my light. 

'We do not believe in the Goddess - we connect with Her; through the moon, the stars, the ocean, the Earth, through trees, animals, through other human beings, through ourselves. She is here. She is within us all.' Starhawk

After we shed tears, said goodbyes + parted ways at the end of the pilgrimage, I decided to stay in Glastonbury another night instead of heading into London to decompress. To process all that I had experienced + fully receive. During this time the following quote kept coming to mind. 'Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.' With each workshop, meditation, training, coaching, asana practice I shed more of the layers that aren't me, I come home to the person I've always been, the person thats been buried under all of the conditioning, fear, blocks, limiting beliefs.

I come home to myself + on this pilgrimage I came home to where my soul's been before. 


Join me on a pilgrimage to Avalon?