I have a story of manifestation that is still blowing my mind. 

Here it goes. 

Prior to leaving for my family vacation I had ordered two books - 'Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting' + 'Rise Sister Rise'. I didn't think the books would arrive before I left for Florida, they weren't scheduled to arrive till the next week but sure enough the books arrive the day before I leave. 

I managed to read both books simultaneously while floating around + around the lazy river at our resort. {seriously I wouldn't get off, it was amazing} Both books were awesome + left me feeling so full for completely different reasons. I literally felt on top of the world when I got home just under two weeks ago. High vibes everywhere. 

In the book 'Rise Sister Rise' she talks about Glastonbury being the heart chakra of the world + all the sacred sites in the area from Avalon, Chalice Wells, Merlins Cave to Cornwall. I got really excited because I am going to be in England in August for my cousins wedding + I could go and visit these sites. Visit the heart chakra of the world + be in one of my most favourite countries in the world. 

For as long as I can remember I have always felt a strong pull at my heart to England, whenever + wherever I am traveling anywhere in the world my heart goes to England. Live in Australia - think of England. Floating in the dead sea - think of England. India - England. My mom was born + raised in England, my ancestry, my roots + part of my heart is there.

So, I keep researching the sites + think to myself that it would probably be best to go with a tour so I really learn about the history of the places rather than wandering aimlessly by myself. I look at a few tours, get a little overwhelmed cause who knows which one to chose....then something nudges at me to go to the author of the books website. So I do. My heart literally stopped, under events are two sacred pilgrimages to Glastonbury with Rebecca Campbell in June. Both are sold out + had sold out within hours.

I didn't care - I could literally feel myself on this pilgrimage with Rebecca, I felt the joy, all the sensations through my body, the love in my heart as I was on this retreat. I felt it almost to the point of tears throughout the week + then a little whisper said join the waitlist. So I did.

I tell a few family members + friends about the pilgrimage + that I'm going. I'm pretty sure they rolled their eyes + thought I was off my rocker, but I didn't. I kept going with my hearts desire, feeling into complete gratitude + completely in receiving mode. 

Then this past Thursday I have a one on one session with my mastermind business coach, I had won the session through a group challenge. My business coach asks what my desire is. I immediately go on about the pilgrimage + say that I whole heartedly believe that I am meant to be on it. She says ok, we talk about what I need to do to get there + she says that she will do her part and email the author Rebecca, who she just so happens to know. Amanda emails Rebecca, Rebecca responds saying I should email her assistant so I will be top of mind if a space opens. I email Rebecca's assistant Saturday night + I swear first thing Sunday morning I check my inbox + there is an email saying that as luck would have it a spot has just opened up on the retreat + would I like it. HOLY S-BOMBS!! My heart stops. Like literally stops. I reply yes + long story not so short....I am going to Glastonbury on a Sacred Pilgrimage with Rebecca Campbell.

Somebody pinch me. 

When you ask + are in true alignment you better be ready to fully receive. This planet is a magical, magical place + believe me I did not always feel this way. Not even close.  

The past five years have been an amazing journey of personal development, creating stillness, space in my heart, connection to the earth + confidence in my body. It hasn't been easy but it has wholeheartedly been the best thing I have ever done. The coaches, the trainings, the time + investment in myself has lead me to where I am truly living in alignment with my souls purpose + that is the most amazing feeling in the world. 

If you feel a nudge at your heart to see what's possible for you, to do the work, to commit to yourself then click the button below to apply to work with me. Click the link below. We are all meant for an amazing life, it is available to all of us.