How's your breath? Your sweet life giving breath?
Most of us - don't have a clue. 
It's automatic, we just do it all day, everyday without any notice. 

The sweet part...our breath tells us a lot.
It tells us how we are feeling in any given moment. 
It indicates anxiety, our mood, our overall state of being. 

The slower our breath, the longer we live. 

It's a gateway into our inner world + it is always in the now. Always. 

What would happen if you started becoming aware of your breath? What could shift?

When we know how to work with our breath we can slow ourselves down, manage panic attacks, + create space in our mind. 
Essentially moving from our head space + into our heart space. 

A few ways to slow down your breath. 

Become aware of it, just the act of paying attention to your breath automatically slows it down.

Root your feet down into the earth, feel heavy into the soles of your feet. Create the feeling of pulling breath up on the inhale from the earth. Inhale the breath from the soles of your feet all the way to the top of your head. Pause. On the exhale slowly take the breath all the way from the crown of your head through the soles of your feet + down into the earth. Repeat this with each inhale + exhale. 

Count your inhales for a slow count of six, pause at the top for a count of six + take a slow exhale for 6. Repeat this 8 times. 

Click here for a video on Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, alternate nostril breathing for calming of the mind + deep, expansive breath.

Awareness. Stillness. Presence. Breath.