I have gone a bit crazy reading lately. I have 3 books on the go + I read a bit from each one everyday. I have no idea if this is effective or completely overloads the brain...seems to be working. One of those books - an instant favourite is about Kundalini. 

I was introduced to Kundalini last spring after myself + one of my besties signed up for a 8 week series. I had no idea what we were signing up for, it was beyond beautiful + beyond challenging. {think holding camel or shoulder stand for 11 minutes} Over the past year Kundalini has come up a few times, it just so happened me + same bestie accidentally signed up for a Kundalini class as our final class at Wanderlust. We didn't realize it till we saw the sheepskins on mats everywhere. We were hoping for yin, we got Kundalini + it was perfect. 

The practice keeps popping up + my interest in it has delved deeper. It's a beautiful practice + a great compliment to the traditional hatha lineage. It's the Shakti. The feminine. The softening. 

What I have loved most about the book are all the uses for essential oils to achieve eternal, natural beauty. {I think all of us ladies want some of that - the men too}. So, I thought I would share a few of my favourites that I have been loving. Here they are. 

Hanuman Body Mask - Mixture of turmeric, yogurt {I use coconut yogurt}, chickpea flour, ginger + a lot of lemon juice to make a paste. Massage it into your body {careful because turmeric stains clothing and towels}. Massage it in + allow it to dry on the body. Wash it off with warm water, let your body air-dry. Afterwards massage your skin with almond oil + sandalwood essential oil. Pure heaven. Heals your skin + leaves it glowing, smooth + smelling sweet. 

Hair - Oil your scalp + hair shafts with almond + sandalwood essential oil prior to washing + then shampoo as usual. Your hair will be shiny, strong + smell delicious. 

Absolute Skin - Wash the face with cold water, cold water is a powerful stimulant for collagen production + cellular radiance. After washing the face apply almond oil + sandalwood essential oil to seal in the moisture. Sandalwood tones the skin + prevents wrinkles. And it smells amazing. Bonus points - sandalwood is an aphrodisiac. 

Sandalwood seems to be the oil for Kundalini + sandalwood is also a powerful healer for our chakra system. The Root chakra {base of the pelvic floor} + the Sacral chakra {2 inches below the belly button} are both brought into balance with sandalwood. The root chakra is our centre of stability, grounding + security. The Sacral is our centre of sexuality, creativity + desire. 

If you've never tried Kundalini, give it a try. 

Radiant. Feminine. Essence. 

Recipes + philosophy from Guru Jagat's book - Invincible Living. 

Looking for some guidance on oils, yoga + chakras? Send me a message, I la la love oils.

Images by @kkamar1 and @mysticmamma