It's been five years...five sweet years since me + my daughter moved to Australia. February 19th, 2012 we boarded the plane. It feels like a life time ago. Why? Because everything. Seriously everything has changed since that move. 

You might notice some physical weight has shifted from in the pics below, {1-a month before we left, 2-at the airport} from that time in my life but what you don't see is the emotional numbness that lies within. The void. The constant searching. The constant need for escape. The unworthiness. The fear + doubt that consumes my thoughts. The stuff that comes to the surface when you are constantly searching for everything outside of yourself + not realizing everything is within. 

It was in Australia that I realized my constant need to escape. Escape a shitty relationship, escape the day to day, numb everything. Ever since traveling to Australia in 2008, I had wanted to move there. So here it was my dreams coming true + guess what? I was miserable. For some reason I thought if I escaped life, moved across the world, life would be sweeter, easier, a fresh start but the truth is, everything just followed me there. All the stress I was experiencing at home, came along for the ride. Why? Because it was all within me, internally I was creating all of it.

I was searching for everything I wanted. Love. Worthiness. Confidence in my body. Outside of myself. What did I end up filling the void with? Trips. Alcohol. Food. Failed relationships. 

Australia will always be one of the best decisions I ever made because it brought all of this to the surface. It brought the void, the unhappiness, the searching all up. You can't heal anything you are not aware of, when it all comes up - sometimes in the form of a break down, thats when the healing can begin. It was in Australia that it all came to the surface + it was then that I knew I needed to break the constant cycle, heal the void.

And so I decided to make a change - try something new. Me and one of my dearest friends decided to try out for 2 things in Manly to get involved in something. 

We tried out for the Manly dragon boating team.

We went to power yoga at Power Living Yoga Australia. 

We could only pick one because financially it was too much to do both. 

And we chose yoga + damnit am I glad we did. 

That one decision has snowballed into 5 years of hiring a coach, getting my yoga teacher training, becoming a coach, nidra training, yin training, limiting beliefs training, India, countless workshops, sobriety, a mastermind + numerous personal development books. 

That one decision changed everything. 

Where in your life are you one decision away from changing everything?

When I look at the pic of us at the airport, if you were to ask that girl where she see's herself in five years? Never in my wildest dreams would a thought of being a life + health coach, yoga teacher + sober ever cross that mind. Never.

But the seed was planted six months later at Power Living Yoga + that seed has manifested into my reality. 

Take the leap. Jump into the unknown. Scary is good. Take a chance. 

That one decision might just create the life of your dreams.