Just like every day, week, month, there is so much learning in everything we do. Sometimes it's a big thing + sometimes it's a little thing that might just shake you up more than you think it should. 

This post - I thought I would share a few things that I 'learned' this past week. From the big breakthroughs to the little nuggets. It's all the beauty that makes up life.   

In no particular order......

1. Clove Oil - it's a gem. When your fingers + toes are frozen, like they commonly are in this lovely part of the globe I call home, put a couple of drops of clove oil on them to warm them up. Put a couple of drops in your gloves + your socks before you hit the slopes or head out into the mountains. Magic.

Also...Clove oil has a special place in my heart - while I was in India I purchased some because it reminded me of home. India is where my essential oils journey began, I would put a couple of drops of clove oil on my wrists before yoga practice - sometimes I would go into the yoga hall smelling like a Christmas tree or Starbucks. It was my way of smelling/feeling home from a million miles away. Now when I smell cloves, it takes me back to India. Funny how that works. 

2. Personal development, yoga, meditation, coaching....it's all part of a journey bringing you back home to yourself. Your true home. 

3. When women focus on themselves - they flourish. We just finished up 'Feed Your Soul' the 30 day gentle cleanse challenge this past week + the stories of transformation are amazing. I'm so proud of all of the women that dedicated a month to themselves. In todays society we have been conditioned to put everybody else first, constantly giving. However that's not a place where we are serving the world best, that's not where we are the best version of ourselves. When we are the best version of ourselves - thats when we have more to give. When we are so full of love + compassion for ourselves first, we have so much leftover it just flows. 

Curious about the next 'Feed Your Soul' challenge? Next one starts April 3rd. Click here for more info + to register. 

4. I've started taking Pearl Powder + it makes me feel like the badass Goddess that I am. Pearl Powder is amazing for the skin, wrinkles, age spots, blemishes + it calms the nervous system. It's loaded with amino acids + minerals. You can get the little gem from Light Cellar. Curious about Pearl Powder, click here

5. Winter is sweet stillness. Allowing to go inwards, to internalize + to soften through the harsh winter months. It's the sweet yin...feminine...being...the moon. 

6. Mortality. This one came up for me huge in India, a conversation with a client triggered the experience + I revisited it. There is more peace now in a place where there was a lot of fear. The realization is we're all going to die, it's inevitable but we live our lives like we have all the time in the world. Really we have no idea how much time we have left, not one of us does. So my question is, if not now - when? What are you waiting for? Retirement? When the exact amount is in the bank? When you can fit into that dress hanging in the closet? None of that is guaranteed.

What is guaranteed? This moment. Right now. That's it.