2017 was setting the foundation. It was year one + it was a year of magic. 

It was my second year sober. I saw Tony Robbins. I went on a pilgrimage with Rebecca Campbell. I met soul sisters from all over the world. I traveled. I dipped my toes in the Blue Lagoon. Bathed my body with water from the witches well in the White Springs. I grew. I let go. I danced. I led workshops. I taught from my heart. I expanded my business. I got let go. I failed. I got back up. I lost friends + I reconnected with dear ones from the past. I healed. I cried. A lot. And it was all so perfectly imperfect. It was life. It was all I dreamt it would be. My heart is bursting with gratitude for all that the last year brought me + with all of it, as always, there were some beautiful lessons 

It's all perspective. 
My mom was diagnosed with cancer + had surgery that hopefully removed it all. My family's house in the British Virgin Islands was internally wiped out by hurricane Irma - the structure is standing. Donald Trump became president. I got let go from my design job. Those might look like some real shitty times to some + I'm not going to lie there were some tears associated with all of them but I woke up every day. I breathed. I have a beautiful home. I have food, a healthy body. I get to teach + coach + follow my passion as my career. I have amazing friends. I'm loved. I could have let the shitty things get me down {in the past I would have} but I focused on all the amazing things I have {and there are a lot} and my heart was full + grateful. It was all perspective. 

Let go + surrender.
I let go of the false illusion of control in all aspects of my life except one - love. That damn ego kept creeping up wanting to know + control, it couldn't just go with it. I think my coach was ready to fire me. I took a step back, tried something new + witnessed how everything flowed when I tapped into my heart space + how everything halted as soon as the ego came back into play. If you want life to flow as it's meant to, let go of control. It's an illusion. Witness + experiment with it in your life. The only thing we can control is our reaction. That's it + my ego needs a real reality on that one every now and again. We all need a reminder, a nudge from the heart space. The heart is where the magic is. Trust it. Let go + surrender. You are always being guided. 

Follow what lights you up. 
You know all the things that light you up? That make you feel alive, expansive + blissful? Follow those. When you feel good, when you are happy + grateful the universe brings you more to be grateful for. As soon as you worry, get stressed out, doubt yourself - you block yourself from all the amazing things in life. All the beauty + it is all around. Always. Find the beauty in your life, the things that light you up + do more of those things. Learn how to create that feeling of bliss + abundance in your life even when you're not doing what it is you love. The universe will conspire to bring you the things that make you feel good. I manifested the trip of my dreams  because I repeatedly created the feeling of being on the trip even though at the time the trip was sold out + I didn't have a ticket. I followed what was lighting me up + everything aligned so I landed exactly where I had set my intention, where I had set my heart. We are creators. We are infinite. Recognize the magic within you, follow what lights you up - I did + it created magic. 

What was your greatest lesson of 2017? It might have been hardship, hurt + pain. For so many clients 2017 was a hard year but know that all the pain is leading you to somewhere beyond your wildest dreams. You can't connect the dots moving forward, only looking back. Trust you are being guided + stepping into your highest self, the life of your dreams. The first step is believing + awareness. Always awareness.