2018 is around the corner. You know the anxiety, the stress, the unworthiness? You don't have to carry that into the New Year with you. You can leave it behind, right here in 2017 where it belongs. 

One of the key steps to moving forward is accepting where you are, right now, in this moment. You are perfectly imperfect, whole, worthy + able to create the inner peace you desire. That stillness, grace....it's available to you it just takes self inquiry, commitment + doing your work. 

Uh oh, I said work. That's where most people jump off the band wagon. We live in a society where we get instant gratification every second - patience has gone out the window + when the word 'work' comes into play we are out. Work to save the relationship, work to create the life of our dreams, work to find stillness. 

I don't have time for that.

Believe me - you do. Make time. It's the greatest 'work' you will ever do. It's commitment + it's showing up for yourself every step of the way even though you might not want to. Show up - push past it because whats waiting for you on the other side is the inner peace, the magic you desire. You deserve that for yourself. 

Ready to do some work? Here are 3 steps to creating inner peace.

Belief Systems.
I like to explain belief systems as this.....there are factual things that we can all agree on. I am sitting on a chair right now as I write this, rivers are flowing, ground is beneath us. Those are all the things we can agree on, they are the same for all of us + then there is everything else. The way each of us perceive the world around us beyond the facts. And that is very different for each + everyone of us. We each see the world completely different when it comes to all of the other stuff + all of that other stuff is filtered through our belief systems. It's our lens that we see the world through. Where do belief systems come from? Parents, society, conditioning, limiting beliefs {piled on us from up to 7 generations before us}. Your egg was in your mom's belly when your mom was in your grandmothers belly. We have absorbed loads of stuff that isn't even ours, all thrown together to create the stained glass we see our world through. What are your belief systems? Where do they come from? Are they yours? Do you want to move forward with them? That's the beauty. You can re-write your belief systems, you can decide what you want to believe once you're clear on where your beliefs are at. It's digging in to that lens of yours + choosing a new one. Everything is a choice. 

All the people that have wronged you, the animosity you hold in your body, the stuff you are stewing over in your mind. Let it go.

Sounds easy right? It's not but the only person you are hurting by not forgiving, by not letting go is yourself. The people that have wronged you, they most likely don't even know you are holding onto these hard feelings, that you are storing it in your body - why? Because they are to caught up in their own shit. They've got their own people they need to forgive. 

Be thankful for everything you have right now. Often with clients I'll get them to write a list of 50 things they are grateful for right now. It can be finger nails down a chalkboard painful because they can't see all that they have past the lack that is constantly filtering through their minds eye, the patterns, the cycles they are stuck in but believe me. You most likely live in a home, have running water, clothes on your body, food in your fridge...you have ALOT to be thankful for. Express gratitude daily. When we are grateful for all that we have the universe brings us more things to be grateful for, gratitude brings us closest to the riches of the universe. If you're not thankful for what you have, the universe isn't going to gift you 'other' stuff to bring you joy. Why would she? It's like giving a child money but they don't like the money but they want more money. Would you give them more money? No. Be grateful every single day. You woke up, you took a breath, you get to live on this magical planet one more day. Gratitude. 

There's the work - get clear on your belief systems, re-write them, forgive + be grateful every single moment; throw some meditation in there + you are on your path to inner peace. It's there. You just have to 'work' for it.  

Need some accountability, guidance, outside perspective, someone to call you out on your own bullshit? Apply to work with me.

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