I've been belly dancing for almost two months now. I love it. Goddess warrior on fire. A side from the obvious reasons....it's sexy as hell, sensual, a great workout + fun, there were healing reasons why I decided to try it out. 

It all started with a Yoni Yoga workshop + learning that my second chakra, my sacral chakra - svadhisthana is blocked. Like black, tar, goo blocked. Nothing moving. 

With the seven energy centres/chakras of the body our sacral chakra is our second one located two inches below the belly button. It's our centre of creativity, desire, sensuality, sexuality, money. It's our emotional centre. Any blocks can lead to emotional numbness, fear of pleasure, addictions, poor boundaries, obsessive attachments. Our chakra system is a path to the self, our guide to what is holding us back. Where in the body we have blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns, belief systems showing up. 

Mine were in my sacral chakra + it's no surprise. For women it is harder for us to connect to our lower 3 energy centres. Our energy comes from the heavens above, pouring down into our crown, third eye, throat, heart, + then the solar plexus, sacral + root chakras. For men it comes from the earth up into your root, sacral, solar plexus + then the heart, throat, third eye, crown chakra. The opposite of women. It's harder for men to connect to the upper 4 centres.

{If we learned this in school it might alleviate a lot of the disconnect between men + women. Just saying.} 

When you recognize where your blocks are, where your energy is stuck + stagnant you can bring in practices to clear the stuck energy. For me it was dance. The sacral's element is water, it's represented by the moon, it needs movement, fluidity, connection. A lot of my movements on + off the mat were coming from my third chakra, my core. Very rarely does mine come from the second chakra. {with this awareness I can change that} The sacral is our pelvic bowl + it needs hip movement. For me - it needs dance.

Has my connection to my sacral chakra changed through dance? Massively + now that I am regularly opening through this energy centre I can connect stronger to my root chakra.

It's a beautifully intertwined magical system. How amazing are we humans. 

Where is your energy getting stuck?
What practices could you bring in to clear any stagnant energy?Want to learn more about the chakra system? I have some workshops coming up in Airdrie on all 7 energy centres. Click the link workshops + events for more details. 

Have no idea which one is blocked? Maybe they are all blocked, I've been there. Apply to work with me. Through my one on one coaching program we go through all 7 energy centres + dig into all the blocks + belief systems, all the juicy stuff. 

When the chakras are clear, life moves through you + that is beautiful.

Happy clearing.