These past few weeks have been heavy.

The new moon in Libra was pulling up our dark side, {hello crazy lady came back to the surface}, the #metoo movement, illness within the family, I don't even know what was coming up on the news - stopped watching that years ago but heaviness all around.

I'll admit, part of me just wanted to stay in bed, at times I did. I cried, I bathed, I tried to 'focus' and do work but landed on my mat + broke down.  And that's all ok, it's healthy to process + move the emotions through the body. It's okay to not be okay. I allowed myself the space + then when it felt like it was never ending I stopped myself + asked 'What have you stopped doing?', 'How much farther are you allowing yourself to go down this hole?' 'Do you really believe this to be true + do you want to feel like this?'

When we stop + ask ourselves whats really going on, where old patterns might be coming up, where the ego might be clouding our light so we stay stuck we recognize it's up to us to shift it. The answers. I'm done going down it, no - I don't believe it + no I don't want to keep feeling like this. What did I stop - I stopped journaling, I stopped sitting at my altar, I stopped going for walks by the river, I stopped my gratitude practice. I stopped my devotional practices. 

And so I came back, I came back to the practices that keep my heart full, that keep me moving on my souls path, my purpose, to the life that fills me up. And everything started it always does. 

What is one of the quickest ways to come back into alignment with your highest self, to invite more abundance + love into your life, to get your vibes high? Gratitude.

Always come back to gratitude. 

If you've never tried a gratitude practice, commit to doing it for the next 30 days + notice what shifts start to occur, what you cultivate in your life, where there is more clarity. 

Here's my gratitude practice. 

Every morning as soon as I wake up I grab for my journal + write out my dreams, whatever wants to get out of my system flows onto the pages + then I write out what I'm grateful for. 

5 things I am grateful for in my personal life
5 things I am grateful for about myself
5 things I am grateful for about my career

Gratitude is of the highest vibration + brings us closest to the riches of the universe. Even when life is feeling heavy + miserable, there is always something to be grateful for. Always. 

Find yours. 

Want to fill yourself up with some self love, filling you with gratitude?
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