"We are the gills of a society that can't breathe" - Guru Jagat

Last weekend I was at the 'It's Time to Bloom' festival in Edmonton. The festival is created by a beautiful local family + was potent with inspiring speakers, yoga, kundalini, music, love + connection. I left feeling on top of the world but also with a heaviness, a bit of an inspire hangover with an edge of a harsh reality check.

The massive potent message of the festival was - the time is now. The world needs your healing now. The time the mystics + the sages have predicted - it's now. Right now. It's time to do our work, your work. To step up, to rise up. To shine your light so f-ing bright it ripples out to the world. 

Heal your inner world + we will heal the world. It starts with each + every one of us.

Do your work.

Big task.  

And so, this week when I start shrinking my light, playing small because the ego's telling me thats what I should do, that I am safe there. I keep coming back to the messages from the festival, the words of Tiaga Prem, Guru Jagat, Mc Yogi, DJ Drez, Ryan Leir + Danielle LaPorte. The words that inspire me to keep pushing through, to keep showing up, to keep spreading my message, to keep devoting myself to my practice + so I thought I would share them with you in hopes it'll inspire you. 

It's Time to Bloom Truth Bombs.

From infinity you come - to infinity you will return.  

Even when you are screwing up it's leading you to you.

Work extra hard at holding onto the blessings.

Gratitude - a constant reminder of who you are.

Yoga has nothing to do with flexibility - do what connects you to you. That's yoga.  

Sit with the stuckness. 

The sacred lives in the simplicity.

Be enjoyable to yourself, attracted to yourself. Love yourself. 

Those who can feel their own heartbeat, nobody can beat them. 

Love your tribe hard. 

Heal. Elevate. Create.  

Don't wait to give. 

You are the prayer. 
You are the temple. 
You are the practice. 

See the Divine in everything. You are a creation of the Divine. The Divine is within you. You are the Divine.

And so.....when I get all in my head about being vulnerable + seen + spreading my light, I ask myself. Would God get all nervous about sharing a Facebook post, about sharing the light, the message, would God give a shit? And the answer is a massive no, so why would I?

I get over myself. I show up. I do the work + I spread my light even if it feels scary, vulnerable + uncomfortable. 

A solid step in showing up for yourself? Showing yourself some self love.
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