We live in a fast paced, masculine society. Slowly things are shifting + the planet is coming into a more yin state, a feminine state. People are s l o w i n g  d o w n + seeing the necessity of it to create a happier, more meaningful life. 

Looking for some ways to s l o w  d o w n + bring your mind into a more peaceful state? Here are a few head health hacks that slow everything down:

Floating - It is heaven. An hour long float in a sensory deprivation pod full of high density salt water, similar to the dead sea, brings your body + mind into complete relaxation. When your mind is cut off from all external factors it heightens your ability to come into a completely relaxed state where you can heal + rejuvenate. I crave my float time, its the perfect way to hack into deep meditation. My favourite float studio. Clear Float Spa

Meditation Studios - We thrive in community. Making a date, signing up for a class, we are held more accountable + all the more likely to make time for our daily meditation. The best part of a meditation studio? A variety of meditation types, styles, mantras + a community of like minded peeps to practice with. Modern + Mindful have opened their doors in Calgary, our very own first meditation studio. The energy is shifting + the world is changing. Exciting.

Nature - Get in nature + ground into the earth doing a walking meditation. Become overly aware + interested in the trees, the leaves, the clouds, the feeling of grass on your toes, the sounds, the shapes, the natural rhythms. Walk + stay connected to your breath + the beauty of your surroundings.

Dog parks are great inner city sanctuaries to reconnect to the earth. Those furry friends get you out in nature whether you like it or not. 

Baths - I swear I have had some of my best breakthroughs during a bath. It's amazing. The mind switches off + the deep relaxation allows you to tune back into your breath, your beating heart + your body. Light candles, use epsom salts + your favourite essential oils. Let the stress melt away, bring you into the present moment + see what magic comes up.

Slow down + receive.