Most evenings of the week....this is how I roll. 

As a single parent, parent, or just a human being - life gets busy so most nights I opt for easy peasy in the kitchen + I have mastered a formula for some pretty sweet bowls. And 9 times out of 10 they are a hit with my daughter. 

Four key steps to some seriously yummy bowls

1. Quinoa, Brown rice, or lentils. 

2. Roasted veggies. Brussel sprouts, beets, squash, broccolini, carrots, mushrooms, yams, kale, peas. Cut into cubes + drizzle your favorite veg with a little olive oil + roast till it's crispy. Kale or peas, throw in the roasting pan 10 minutes before the other veg is done. 

3. Nuts, beans or seeds. Chickpeas, black beans, pine nuts, hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. Toss in a few of the above. My favourite - chickpeas + hemp hearts. 

4. Sauce. The deal breaker. Add a good sauce + you have got a winning bowl. Miso dressing, mustard/vinegar, tamari. Take your favourite sauce + whip that bad boy up.

My favourite?

8tbsp olive oil

15g fresh cilantro

3tbsp almond butter

2tbsp tahini

1tbsp maple syrup

1tbsp tamari

juice of 1 lemon

3 garlic cloves, crushed

1tsp cayenne pepper

Blend it all together + yum. This sauce is by Deliciously Ella + seriously yummy. 

5. I lied, there are five steps + this is the most important step. Add avocado. 

Pick 1 base {#1}, a couple veg to roast {#2}, 1 or 2 from #3 + 1 sauce {#4} + extra of #5. 

Place it all in a bowl, mix it together + you've got yourself a simple, quick dinner that's seriously yummy. 

There's a lot of seriousness happening in this post.