I'm a little nostalgic. Last year I was in England for Christmas, now when I think of Christmas - London comes to mind. 

I definitely won't be in London this year for Christmas, so I thought I would post about my favourite healthy/vegan/vegetarian eats in London. Heres a few. 

The MaE Deli

The MaE Deli is owned by Deliciously Ella. If you haven't heard of Deliciously Ella you need to click the link + buy her cookbook. I can't recommend her cookbooks enough. Healthy, easy, super tasty + plant based. The deli serves up Ella's delicious recipes, is cute + cosy,  + is in the trendy area of Marylebone. I highly recommend the sweet potato brownies, yam fries + energy balls. 

Wild Food Cafe 

Wild food cafe is located in Neal's yard in Covent Gardens. It is the cutest little courtyard ever. I was lucky enough to stumble across this little gem when I purposely got lost in London one afternoon. The food is all vegan, organic + artisan. They don't use refined sugar or heavily processed foods, + it's all made with love.  

There mission:

'Our mission is to re-connect people with the sustainable sources of delicious 
and nutritious plant-food and inspire a movement towards the regeneration of 
thriving individuals, communities, ecosystems and biodiversity around the world'

It's definitely a little gem. 

Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger are scattered throughout London like Starbucks are in Canada. Every street corner. Which is amazing because it means healthy food is always in reach. They offer vegetarian, vegan + omnivore options. The food is fresh + real, not a bunch of processed junk. They use ethical farmers, organic + sustainable. It's the perfect little spot to grab a sandwich + salad + take it to a nearby park.  

Where are some of your favourite healthy hot spots in London?