The enchantress’ well - an online membership portal

Women have always gathered.

They have gathered in tents, in tipi's, in living rooms and libraries, in kitchens and community centres, in churches and coffee shops. 

Human beings are sociable creatures by nature and when the female species taps into that which is unending, the wisdom of the womb and ancestral memories, joining in union to raise the power of the divine feminine is a powerful and palpable medicine to administer and receive.

The time has come where we are being called to step into our medicine, into our power,  to peel back the layers to  step into the truth that resides deep within. To delve deeper into the self, to release, to let in, to let go, to let be. To fully land into the Goddess you came here to be. 

Through monthly teachings and offerings we hold the container for you to rise into your highest self. The Goddess that is emerging, the creatrix that is ready to create her destiny. To rise above old patterns, cycles, belief systems - to connect deeper to the earth, it’s seasons, the moon, the stars. 

Welcome to our Well; an online temple where those of us who feel a call to delve deeper into the self, into the priestess, the Goddess, the witch, the wild woman within our bones can connect to a deep source of guidance as we evoke a deep remembering, a coming home. 

The Enchantress’ Well is a co-creation between Sian Pilkington + Lisa Hillyer, we can’t wait to co-create with you.

The Enchantress' Well membership consists of: 

/guided journeys/meditations/self inquiry:

topics may include lunar or astrological wisdom, different deities, chakra work, blood wisdom, moon mapping, spiritual strengthening. 

/herbal allies as medicine

/oracle or tarot guidance

/goddess book club with suggested reading and discussion

/entry to a secret facebook group, an online portal for us to join as a collective

/discount on retreats 

/rituals + cyber gatherings to honour and celebrate the phases of the moon and cross quarter points of the Wheel of the Year (equinox' and solstices). 

We offer this space of self worship and exploration so that you may access that deeper undercurrent of yourself , be witnessed in your journey and step into true alignment with your inner creatrix, making it an outer persona that you can offer to the world. 

Step into the Well, the cauldron, the container of the Goddess, a place for the priestess to awaken.

$44.44cad/month - you can unsubscribe at any time.