have the dream career, the spouse, the white picket fence, the 1.5 holidays a year but.....something's missing? 

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Hey gorgeous human, I'm Lisa + on paper I am a certified life coach + yoga teacher. I'm a dreamer, a seeker, a teacher + a student. I've come here to teach, heal + inspire + I am devoted to my own inner healing + growth to guide others to do the same.

I strongly believe when we heal our inner world - we heal our precious earth. It starts with each + everyone of us. When you heal, we all heal. When you rise, we all rise. You make better choices, you are more connected, you live your truth, your purpose + contribute to raising the vibration of our precious planet. 

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Through one on one coaching we heal your inner world. We dig in, we peel back the layers, the belief systems + conditioning so you can come home to the person thats always been within - your highest self. 

You in?