The journey always begins somewhere. In 2012, my daughter and I packed up and moved to Australia to pursue a job opportunity. The experience was amazing however, all my stress and unhappiness both with my career and myself just packed up and followed me to the other side of the world. I had a few {actually a lot} of breakdowns and was making myself miserable. How could I not be happy, I lived by the beach in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I took the ferry across Sydney Harbour to work every day, sounds like a dream life to me -- but it wasn't, I wasn't happy at all. I needed a shift and that's when I found yoga. It was literally love at first downward dog. It saved me. I enrolled in my first 40 days to personal revolution at PowerLiving Australia, and that is where my journey began. A journey that took me back to Canada where I started working with a life coach, traveled for five months on my own, spent a month in India doing my yoga teacher training, stayed in an ashram, became obsessed with essential oils, found a new love for drumming and became a certified health and wellness coach. I faced every fear I had ever had and some I didn't even know I had and still had the courage to keep going.

This journey has created a life I now love.