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'Vibrational Intention Setting Workshop'

2018 is a master year, all of our seeds, our intentions are amplified during this 11 year. 11 is your connection to the infinite + makes a very powerful year to bring your seeds to life. 

What are your intentions? What's your vibration? What are you sending out to the universe?

Join Lisa Hillyer for an intention setting, vibrational board creating workshop. Starting with a guided meditation to tune you into your hearts deepest desires, what it is you want to create. We will get clear on your intentions, your focus for the year, the feeling tone behind it + your word. We will set our intentions, put them out to the universe, discuss the power + energy behind vibrational boards + then we will get creative with mounds of magazines + create our vision boards together. 

Poster board + some magazines/images will be provided. If you have any favourite magazines bring them along as well as anything you might want to add. Bring a few images of things you've already manifested {i.e. wedding picture, picture of children, trips, things you have already created}. 



'Chakra Yoga + Meditation Series'

Ground/ Release your fears + awaken your creativity.
Workshop #1 

Join Lisa while she guides you through yoga, meditation, self inquiry, journaling, yoga nidra, essential oils & food to explore the Root (Muladhara) Chakra & the Sacral (Svadhisthana) Chakra - the energy centers of stability, grounding, security, creativity, sexuality, and desire. We will release blocks, imbalances, and ignite the journey of bringing the Chakras into harmony. 

Wear comfortable clothing, as we will close with a guided yoga nidra practice, commonly referred to as "sleep" yoga, to help re-wire limiting beliefs and bring the Root & Sacral Chakras back into balance.



Intuition/ Tune in to your inner guides.
Workshop #2 

Through yoga, meditation, journaling, essential oils + food we will explore the Solar Plexus {Manipura} Chakra + the Heart Chakra {Anahata}. Our internal guides, our heart space + gut instinct. The energy centers of personal power, self esteem, love, compassion + joy. We will release any blocks, imbalances + ignite the journey of bringing the chakras into balance. $40. Dates coming soon.


Connect/ Speak your inner truth, trust your intuition + connect to the divine.
Workshop #3 

Through yoga, meditation, journaling, essential oils + food we will explore the Throat Chakra {Vishuddha}, Third Eye Chakra {Ajna}, + Crown Chakra {Sahaswara}. The throat chakra is our centre for communication, truth + purpose. The third eye is our centre of intuition, wisdom + knowing. The crown chakra is our centre of wholeness, divine + spiritual connectedness. Imbalances in all three chakras can attribute to insomnia, headaches, exhaustion, loneliness. We will release any blocks, imbalances + ignite the journey of bringing the three chakras into balance.$40. Dates coming soon.

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'Feed Your Soul'


'Feed Your Soul' 30 day detox. Cleanse your mind, body + soul.'

Looking to shed some emotional & physical weight? Take your practice deeper through real nourishing food, meditation, self study & movement. Join the 30 day detox where we will be diving into sleep, self care, planting seeds, real foods, guts, stress, digestion & more. We will move beyond the physical to overcome the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that hold you back in life, to peel back the layers & allow your most authentic self to shine through creating a happier, more fulfilled life.  

We will have weekly meet ups + you will receive an email each week with the following content to take you deeper into the discovery of the self. 

Week 1: Food. Meditation. Yoga. 
/Set the ground work for the 30 days with real food, meal plans, breath, journaling + movement.
/Eliminate toxins, mental chatter + bring the body slowly back into its natural state. 

Week 2: The Gut. 
/The gut is the brain of the body. An unhealthy gut least unhealthy mind, body + spirit. 
/Heal the gut through food, breath, chakra clearing, sleep + movement. We will ignite the digestive fire within. 

Week 3: Love. 
/What softens you? In a world with primarily yang energy it's important to embrace the yin. The feminine. The softness. Bringing everything into balance. 
/We will explore love languages, the heart chakra, elixirs, femininity {for both male + female} shakti + breath. 

Week 4: Abundance. 
/Gratitude is of the highest vibration, when we move from a place of gratitude we invite more gratitude into our life. 
/Explore affirmations, goals/intentions, clearing in the body, the mind + physical space.

Detox begins...dates coming soon.
Online weekly meet ups through zoom.

Investment - $129.

Click the link to sign up: