honour your beautiful self

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A thirty day gentle detox challenge. Gentle detox? What does that mean? It means we will be eating loads of wholesome, nutrient dense food, crowding out the nasty stuff + honouring our beautiful bodies. It means we won't be counting calories, depriving or starving or stepping on scales. No 'dieting'.

It means we honour your beautiful self. 

We will be diving into liver love, sleep, self care, planting seeds, real foods, guts, stress, digestion, movement + more. 

What's included in the detox?

  • food guidelines
  • sample meal plans
  • recipes
  • elixir recipes
  • accountability
  • meditation/yoga videos
  • supplement recommendations/info.
  • super foods
  • self care rituals
  • how to videos {how to make chaga, how to make nut milk, etc}
  • weekly 20 minute catch up sessions {optional}
  • constant support through text + email
  • prizes for the person who rocks the detox

Next Group Starts - Fall 2017

Gift yourself some serious self care. You're worth it.  

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