This is it. You're done with the same old patterns, the constant cycle + never getting off. The unhappiness, the unworthiness. 

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you are ready to step into your empowered self.  

You are ready to find inner peace, joy + happiness from within. You are ready to take control of your desires, your intentions + create the life of your dreams. You are ready to show up wholeheartedly, to show up for yourself + do the work. 

You are ready to find your purpose, your truth + step into your highest self 

my one on one coaching program.

My program works best for humans who are:

  • Done with the same old cycles + are ready + willing to do the work.  
  • Have let go of the illusion of quick fixes + are ready to dig deep + get vulnerable. 
  • Ready to get out of the victim mind state, the ego + move into the heart. 
  • Ready to put themselves first. 
  • Willing to invest in the support, guidance, accountability + tough love they need to change their mind, body + spirit. 

Give me a quarter of your year + I'll give you the confidence + radiance you crave. 

When you work with me you get:

  • 12 x 60 minute coaching calls {one session every week for 12 weeks} held via video call or telephone. 
  • Weekly 'homework' to provide you the tools to dig in, to get clear + to create habits/rituals to establish + maintain your inner bliss.  
  • Unlimited email support through the 3 month program.
  • 30min Personalized Yoga Nidra to re-wire your core limiting belief. 
  • Access to everything I know about health, self love, manifesting, vibrations, yoga, nutrition, mindset + personal development. 
  • Recommendations on books, documentaries, speakers to support your journey throughout the program. 

Our primary goal is to break it all down, peel it all back + create a life you love.  

You are uniquely different from everybody else - our coaching sessions will flow organically, there is no set program that will meet everyones needs. I'll meet you where you are at + push you that extra step. 

To give you an idea of what our sessions might include, these are the pillars:

Foundations - yoga. food. meditation. sleep.
Root - belief systems. limiting beliefs. nidra. 
Sacral - creativity. receiving. desire. forgiveness.
Solar Plexus - guts. human needs. self love. worthiness. dark + light.
Heart - gratitude. boundaries. love languages. 
Throat - truth. communication. purpose.
Third Eye - intentions. vibrations. scripts. 
Crown - devotion. surrender. clear out space. 

"Working with Lisa was plain and simple a true gift. If you can, fitting Lisa into your life, into your schedule, will be one of the most kind and loving gifts you will ever give to yourself. She gently helped me to start to peel away my layers, revealing a more raw with less judgement and more acceptance. Yes, she found perfect perfect meal plans that fit my tastebuds and my lifestyle...but working with Lisa is so much more. Her approach epitomizes wholistic. For myself, my eating habits were not created due to a lack of eating habits were created due to a lack of self love. Lisa's approach focused on what I am - moving away from what I am not. After three months working with Lisa, I lost pounds and inches. But I gained so much more....self confidence, self trust and self love. Thank you Lisa for your generosity with your time, your knowledge, and yourself. You are a gift. xo" - S, Vancouver, Canada

"Words cannot express the depth of gratitude that I have for you and sharing all the knowledge that you have gained in your studies and way of life.  I and my son have received many blessings as a dynamic duo in this world and this one has been one of the BEST!

Many thanks for all your teachings and may Creator continue to bless you on your journey as well!" - T, Calgary, Canada

Ready to show up + create the life of your dreams?                                                                          Whats required of you? Showing up, committing to yourself + an open mind/heart.

Apply below.  

I can't wait to start this journey with you.