This is it. You're done with the same old patterns, the constant cycle + never getting off. 

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you are ready to step into your empowered self.  

You are ready to find inner peace, joy + happiness from within. You are ready to take control of your desires, your intentions + create the life of your dreams. You are ready to show up wholeheartedly, to show up for yourself + do the work. 

You are ready to find your purpose, your truth + step into your highest self.  

my one on one coaching program.

My program works best for humans who are:

  • Done with the same old cycles + are ready + willing to do the work.

  • Have let go of the illusion of quick fixes + are ready to dig deep + get vulnerable.

  • Ready to get out of the victim mind state, the ego + move into the heart.

  • Ready to put themselves first.

  • Ready to invest in exceptional support, guidance, accountability + the tough love they need to change their mind, body + spirit.

Give me a quarter of your year + I'll give you the confidence + radiance you crave. 

When you work with me you get:

  • 12 x 60 minute coaching calls {one session every week for 12 weeks} held via video call or telephone.

  • Weekly 'homework' to provide you the tools to dig in, to get clear + to create habits/rituals to establish + maintain your inner bliss.

  • Unlimited email support through the 3 month program.

  • Access to everything I know about health, self love, manifesting, vibrations, yoga, nutrition, mindset + personal development.

Our primary goal is to break it all down, peel it all back + create a life you love.  

You are uniquely different + there is no set program that will meet everyones needs. I'll meet you where you are at + push you that extra step. Our coaching sessions will flow organically.  

These are the pillars of where our sessions will flow through:

Foundations - yoga. food. meditation. sleep.
Root - belief systems. limiting beliefs. nidra. 
Sacral - creativity. receiving. desire. boundaries.
Solar Plexus - guts. human needs. self love. worthiness. dark + light.
Heart - gratitude. forgiveness. love languages. 
Throat - truth. communication. purpose.
Third Eye - intentions. vibrations. scripts. 
Crown - devotion. surrender. clear out space. 

Ready to show up + create the life of your dreams?                                                         
Whats required of you? Showing up, committing to yourself + an open mind/heart.

Apply below.  

I can't wait to start this journey with you.