have the dream career, the spouse, the white picket fence, the 1.5 holidays a year but.....something’s missing?

You yearn for something more, meaning, fulfillment, truth + purpose. To contribute to the world in a meaningful way. 

You've searched for confidence in your body, in your voice, worthiness in your life..... + never found it. 

You know you didn't come to this earth to play small, you have a voice, a mission + it is just waiting to be uncovered. 

What if you could peel back all the layers, the physical weight, the emotional weight, the belief systems, the conditioning + come back to the person that's always been within you?

You can. 

Hey gorgeous human, I'm Lisa + I am a certified health/life coach + yoga teacher. I'm a dreamer, a seeker, a teacher + a student. I've come here to teach, heal + inspire + I am devoted to my own inner healing + growth to guide others to do the same.

I strongly believe when we heal our inner world - we heal our precious earth. It starts with each + everyone of us. The healing ripples out to our family, our friends, they are happier because we are happier. We make better choices, we are more connected, we live our truth, our purpose + contribute to raising the vibration of the planet. 

Through one on one coaching we heal your inner world. We dig in, we peel back the layers, the belief systems + conditioning so you can come home to the person thats always been within - your highest self. So you can create the life of your dreams. 

You in?

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